11 Jared Heyman - Crowdsourcing Healthcare with CrowdMed

By Dr. Steven Eisenberg

Jared HeymanWelcome back to the show!

I hope you're ready for another dose of inspiration and education as we talk to the brightest minds shaping healthcare today as I'm talking to entrepreneur and founder of CrowdMed, Jared Heyman.

We're talking about the current state of medicine, and how we can tap into the infinite intelligence of the crowd to make better and more accurate diagnoses.

So relax, take a deep breath, and prepare to take your medicine.




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"We wanted to cast the net wide enough, whilst maintaining quality." - Jared Heyman

Show Notes:

  • The birth of CrowdMed
  • An undiagnosable illness
  • Tapping into the unlimited intelligence of the crowd
  • Is CrowdMed working?
  • Protecting CrowdMed from abuse
  • DR - The Detective Rating system
  • The signal through the noise
  • Hey President Obama!
  • The effects of media attention
  • Power to the patient
  • “The patient will see you now.”
  • The future of CrowdMed
  • When Jared used his own service

    "Ideas are cheap, but execution is what builds companies." - Jared Heyman

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