10 Khaliya - Bringing Radical Innovation to Mental Health

April 21, 2016 1 min read

Khaliya on The Dr. Steven Show with Dr. Steven Eisenberg

Welcome back to the Dr. Steven Show!

How is your mental health? Do you know how much support is there for mental health issues? Perhaps you've noticed a disconnect with people staring and talking into their mobile devices more than their own parents?

Well today I'm crazily excited to bring you the advocate for the progression and innovation of mental health, Khaliya.

Enjoy the show!



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"Most successful people have a strong support network." - Khaliya

Show Notes:

  • How much help is there for mental health?
  • The stagnating development of mental health technology
  • Helping people to reconnect
  • Embracing biology over technology
  • Magnetic resonance therapy (MRT)
  • The latest tech coming out of NeuroLaunch
  • The effects of PTSD twenty years later
  • The surprising suicide rate of Doctors
  • Building a support network
  • The league of exceptional minds
  • Working with the Bill Clinton Global Initiative 
  • Your mental health stats
  • Reducing the stigma of mental health issues

"At a certain point, technology can’t overtake biology." - Khaliya

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