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I'm Broken

By Dr. Steven Eisenberg

I'm Broken

I'm broken.

Aren't we all in some way?

I'm a doctor.

I bandage up people.

Then I get bandaged up again to face the next patient.

To face the world of medicine.

To face my world.

The one I created.

So here I am.

The bandaged bandaging the bandaged.

"Patient" means to suffer.

To suffer sometimes is to be human.

That backache?

You're a patient.

I'm a patient.

We're all patients.

Every day there’s a new patient.

What can I possibly do to help that human being sitting across from me?

Every day a new answer to explore.

Listen to them.

Listen more.

Offer them the best of science.

Offer them the best of nature.

Offer them the best of me.

Then I'm not so broken.

In that moment.

Being with them.

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By Dr. Steven Eisenberg


There are situations I can't control.

I can't control relationships.

I can't change anyone.

The only one I can change is me.

The only relationship I can control is the one with myself.



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Embrace Imperfection

By Dr. Steven Eisenberg

Embrace Imperfection

I've given up perfectionism.

Except to be perfectly imperfect.

I'm embracing imperfection.

Imperfect is perfectly human.

My life has become much more enjoyable as a result.

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I Have A Problem

By Dr. Steven Eisenberg

I Have A Problem

I have a big problem.

I do.

All the time.

With the problems.

I can see a problem.

That's easy for sure.

Or I can see an opportunity.

Not so easy.

I can see it like Peter Brady in the ice cream eating contest.

"I lost... again."

Or I can see it as a start of some new adventurous game.

I can see it as game over.

Or I can put another quarter in the slot.

"Ready player one."



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Am I?

By Dr. Steven Eisenberg

Am I?

Am I?

Am I thinking about these questions daily?

Am I?

Am I effectively engaged with my passion?

Am I?

Am I being authentic?

Am I?

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Love Rescue Me

By Dr. Steven Eisenberg

Love Rescue Me

I have a cool idea.

Awesome for me.

I have it.

That idea.

That took a little something.

But in the end, so what.

No one cares about my idea.

Love rescue me.

Now, action?

Action is everything.

My idea is to walk up 25 flights of stairs daily.

I could spend forever thinking about being in mountain hiking shape.

I could spend months reading about how to prepare.

I could spend tons of time not getting anything done.

Or I could listen to Marcus Aurelius:

"Get busy with life's purpose, toss aside empty hopes, get active in your own rescue—if you care for yourself at all—and do it while you can."

Time to rescue myself.

Time to climb stairs.

Love rescue me.

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Sh*#ty Dad

By Dr. Steven Eisenberg

Sh*#ty Dad

I'm a sh*#ty dad sometimes.

Sometimes I don't suck at it.

Here's when I suck less at being a Dad:

1. When we're doing something creative together (music, characters).

2. When we eat dinner as a family (never happens enough).

3. When we share large chunks of no-screen time (could be larger).

4. When they come to work with me.

5. When I help them help others.

6. When they don't get what they want and live.

7. When we read together.

8. When we take road trips.

9. When I help them pick themselves up and dust themselves off after a loss.

10. When we laugh together.

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Art = A real togetherness

By Dr. Steven Eisenberg

Art = A real togetherness


A real togetherness.

Brings us together.

Fosters communication.

Cultivates compassion.

Art can be a space for many things.


A space for empathy.

A vehicle for connection.

Connection matters.

When we connect, we heal.

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