09 Dr. Nalini Chilkov - The Future of Cancer Care

By Dr. Steven Eisenberg

Dr. Nalini Chilkov

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Today I'm talking to the world's leading expert on integrative cancer care, Dr. Nalini Chilkov. We discuss the idea of "eating the rainbow" and the healthy behaviors to help make your body one where cancer cannot thrive.

Welcome my next guest, Dr. Nalini Chilkov to The Dr. Steven Show! 




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"The most important thing with diet? Eat the rainbow!" - Dr. Nalini Chilkov

Show Notes:

  • The integrative cancer care guru
  • Treating your body like an ecological bio-system
  • Turning on the cancer fighting genes
  • The big levers of cancer prevention
  • Picking your recovery team
  • The anti-inflammatory/Mediterranean diet
  • The power of probioitics
  • The top three causes of cancer
  • Creating a blue zone
  • 400 Cancer-Fighting Recipes
  • The supplements you CAN take when you have cancer
  • The mushroom of immortality!
  • How much sleep do you actually need?

"As the patient, you should have the loudest voice." - Dr. Nalini Chilkov

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