04 Craig Shoemaker - The Healing Power of Laughter

By Dr. Steven Eisenberg

Craig ShoemakerWe are honored to introduce the incredible, Craig Shoemaker to The Dr. Steven Show.

Craig's been on Broadway, performed standup comedy for four US Presidents, and guest starred with recurring acting roles on network TV, performed solo television specials, hosted/produced reality television, a WGA scribe of film and sitcoms, award-winning producer, and a best selling author.

In today's episode of The Dr. Steven Show, Craig gives us an insight into his past, how he became the Lovemaster, and how he realized that laughter has its own healing qualities. He also gives Dr. Steven a guided laughidation.

So let's dive in! 



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"Growing up, we learned how to deal with pain with laughter." - Craig Shoemaker

Show Notes:

  • Who is the Lovemaster?
  • The attractive quality of humour
  • When the Lovemaster got his own back
  • How Craig connected with his future wife
  • Listening to your intuitions
  • The cathartic nature of comedy
  • Not the 'aha' moment, the 'haha' moment
  • Is cancer funny?
  • What to do when a friend is diagnosed with cancer
  • We're all Dorothy on a journey through Oz!
  • The problem with Patch Adams
  • The health benefits of laughter with data
  • The laughter contagion
  • Craig gives Dr. Steven a guided laughadation
  • How Craig cured himself of Crohn’s Disease

"It’s about taking the high road no matter what." - Craig Shoemaker

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