03 Dr. Meg Haworth - Using Holistic Psychology to Heal Yourself and Others

By Dr. Steven Eisenberg

Dr. Meg Haworth, PhD on The Dr Steven Show with Dr. Steven EisenbergWe are honored to welcome the incredible lightning woman, Dr. Meg Haworth, PhD to The Dr. Steven Show.

Holistic psychologist, nutrition strategist, and private celebrity chef, Dr. Meg Haworth uses holistic methods to help heal not only our bodies, but also our souls.

In today's episode Dr. Meg teaches Dr. Steven all about her original holistic psychology methodology and her Whole Person Integration Technique. Then she guides us through the heartache of being an oncologist using her methodology.



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"I believe your emotions are the bridge between your soul and your personality." - Dr. Meg Haworth

Show Notes:

  • The Lightning Woman... How being struck by lightning helped Dr. Meg heal herself and others
  • What was Dr. Meg’s healing process?
  • Is cancer caused by emotions?
  • The difference between holistic psychology and regular psychology
  • The Whole-Person Integration Technique
  • Delivering bad news to patients
  • Psychoneuroimmunology — What it means when we have a 'gut feeling' towards something
  • The act of creating wonder in your life

"Food is the under-pinning to support the biological system." - Dr. Meg Haworth

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