15 Steven Masley, M.D - Eat more Fat, Lose more Weight, Have more Sex, Get Healthy Now

June 20, 2016 3 min read

Steven Masley, M.D on The Dr. Steven Show with Dr. Steven Eisenberg

Did you know that there are good fats AND bad fats? 

Well today I’m talking with Dr. Steven Masley who is a trained chef and the author of Smart Fat, which is transforming the way we think about FAT.

Dr. Steven has been on every media outlet you can think of, and his 30 day to a younger heart program on PBS has been the number one all time PBS special for health and wellness.

He is amazing, has a huge, healthy, generous heart and I’m thrilled to have him on the show today. So I hope you enjoy my next conversation as much as I did, with the one and only, Dr. Steven Masley. 




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“Their good for your brain, for your heart, your waistline, they really make a big difference in your health, unless people do the worst stuff, they’re eating the wrong fats.” - Dr. Steven Masley 

Show Notes:

  • What is the number one cause of heart disease, memory loss, weight gain and diabetes?
  • What are smart fats and how many should you have per day?
  • Fat history.. what went wrong and how did this confusion begin
  • BEWARE: Check labels and NEVER EAT anything partially hydrogenated!
  • The 4 food groups that people need to consume to help prevent heart disease
  • Why it’s easier for vegans to get their clean protein
  • What makes a smart fat smart?
  • What are fibers and why is it so important?
  • Guest what.... If you're using fruit for juicing then you're just drinking sugar!
  • What is the difference between clean and mean proteins?
  • Why feed lots are mean proteins and why we shouldn’t eat any meat unless it’s grass fed
  • The controversy around coconut oil
  • Use almond and avocado oils for high temperature cooking
“If you want to really make a difference for your health, cut out the sugar and add smart fat.” - Dr. Steven Masley
  • Why you should add coconut, sesame or olive oil at the end of cooking.. Hint: It will also taste better!
  • The importance of using the right oils at the right temperature
  • Smart fats = Better Romantic Function + Improved Circulation = BETTER SEX LIFE
  • What is the number one symptom of cardiovascular disease… Hint: erectile dysfunction
  • How smart fats prevent cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes
  • Say What? Avocados are related to testicles and GREAT SEX!!!
  • The benefits of herbs and spices.. What? They're the most potent anti-aging food
  • Did you know that garlic helps your cholesterol profile and kills cancer cells?
  • The importance of adding fresh garlic and herbs when simmering at the end of cooking a meal
  • The story and success behind Dr. Steven Masley’s PBS special
  • Dr Masley’s words of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industy to make a profound difference
  • How Dr. Masley's patients success has inspired him and have kept him persevering

Smart Fats:

    1. Avocados
    2. Ghee
    3. Nuts
    4. Nut oils
    5. Olive oils
    6. Coconut oil
    7. Salmon
    8. Cold water fish - Sole
    9. Dark Chocolate (1 ounce Daily)

    Clean Protein:

      1. Grass fed beef
      2. Cage free organic chicken and eggs
      3. Wild fish
      4. Beans
      5. Organic Non GMO soy
      6. Organic yoghurt

      Fabulous Fibre:

        1. Vegetables
        2. Fruit
        3. Beans
        4. Nuts


          1. Herbs - Italian herbs
          2. Spices - Curry, Chilli
          3. Garlic
          4. Ginger

          “Now we realize that you should never of taken out the smart fats, because they lower inflammation and they improve blood sugar.” - Dr. Steven Masley

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            “You have to come from the heart. It’s got to be heart centered. You’ve got to do it for others and ask yourself, how can you serve and make a difference in people's lives, and be genuine and right from your heart. Then you have to persevere.” - Dr. Steven Masley