Unstoppably You

October 14, 2019 1 min read

Unstoppably You

Be you.

Just you.

Simply you.

However you are.

Be that.

Be-you-tifully you.

Be yourself.

Be unabashedly yourself.

Don't apologize for being yourself.

Don't ask permission to be yourself.

Break every rule to be yourself and apologize later if necessary.

It won't be necessary.

Because their view is only their view of the matter.

And it doesn't matter.

What they think of you being yourself doesn’t matter.

It never did.

Took me 40 years to live inside this notion.

Sometimes I still forget.

That’s okay.

Embrace your “sometimes I forget” awesome sauce too.

It’s all part of the beautiful boldly imperfect brunch that’s you.

Be your everything bagel self.

Be unstoppably you.⠀

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