Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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Staying Friends

Staying Friends

I thought we were friends.

Turns out we were competitors.

I don't know.

Competition can kill relationships.

It killed this budding one.

Before it could blossom.

Friends are not competitors.

Friends are friends.

That's it.

Simply friends.

Friendship could be easy.

If we just let it naturally grow.

Friendship should be simpatico.

We all know it.

But knowing doesn't keep a friendship alive.

Powerful partnerships are about doing.

But we're hypercompetitive nowadays.

So what happens when we compete with our friends?

A few things.

We forget what true friendship is.

We lose what connected us in the first place.

No friendship is like any other.

There’s only a limited number of deep friendships in a lifetime.

I have to fight to keep mine alive.

To constantly let go of insecurity and self-doubt.

See ya, self-sabotage.

Whatever it takes in order to connect.

And keep connecting.

Friendship is a bunch of shared moments of connection strung together into a nurturing necklace.

Connected throughout it all.

Through all the noise.

Despite all the distractions.

With the bigger-picture intention of benefiting the long haul friendship.

Stretching it into new realms of authenticity.

These friendships have interpersonal perseverance.

Humble honor.

Grateful grit.

Fun fairness.

Intuitive integrity.

The best friendships recognize the value of the journey.

The best of friends learn from one another.

They gain wisdom throughout the process of becoming and staying friends.