Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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Try It

Try It

The day-to-day work.

The daily grind.

Don't mock it.

Try it.

Write a love poem.

Change the lyrics to your favorite song.

Make it about you.

Your soul's journey.

Try it.

Buy an old typewriter.

Type out an outline for your book.

Title it "Ten Things to Love About Life."

Type it out.

Don't mourn your projects.

Try them.

Even the ones lost since childhood.

I made a comic book as a kid.

There was a character in it named "Hot Dog Head."

His head was a hot dog.

I think I'll bring that one back today.

I started a lot of projects as a kid.

Most of which have only survived as fragments.

I created a radio show named "Ivy the Spoiled Brat."

I still have the original cassette tape.

Ivy makes phony phone calls.

It's about the ebb and flow of this rotten kid's day.

In this parody world, Ivy slams the piano fallboard on his teacher's hands.


In fact, though, I wished I practiced my piano more.

Try it.