Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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The LOVE over FEAR Formula

The LOVE over FEAR Formula

We've learned what we can do to help flatten the COVID-19 curve.

Each of us has an important part as a human doing.

Doing the right thing.

We're only now learning how to be in the face of this.

How will we be as human beings?

There's a simple formula that may help.

It's called the LOVE over FEAR formula.

We have to choose love over fear.

Every day we have a choice.

We have the power to choose.

Now more than ever.

LOVE over FEAR is the equation.

Simplify it.


Break down each part.

L/F = Listen over force.

Listen to experts over those who force misinformation.

O/E = Observe over escape.

Observe your body and environment mindfully over escaping and putting your head in the sand.

V/A = Verbalize over attack.

Calmy educate through your words over attacking with hate.

E/R = Empathize over react.

Respond and initiate empathetic action appropriately over reacting frantically.

We must lead from LOVE.

Listening, observing, verbalizing, empathizing from a loving place.

We must not lead from FEAR.

Forcing, escaping, attacking and reacting from a hateful place.

What really matters is choosing love over fear each moment.

With each passing day.

Who will I be?

With each passing hour.

Who will I be?

With each passing moment.

Who will I be?

Be strong.

Be healthy.

Be smart.

Be helpful.

Be grateful.

Be loving.