Worldwide Self-Compassion

September 10, 2019 1 min read

Worldwide Self-Compassion

I was on the brink of success.

Or was it failure.

I don't know.

Overcoming physician burnout.

Pursuing a lifelong dream at the same time.

I had to use everything at my disposal.

It was that or wait another decade.

High points.

Low points.

In between.

I had to use it all.

I needed to have nothing left.

Thoroughly used up.

Had to use the high points to inspire.

To reinvent never giving up.

Had to use the low points to reflect and reassess.

Could I do anything else?

Anything else to make this situation more supportable?

My ability to stay sane and healthy was on the line.

I had to take a stand.

Not just for myself.

But for worldwide self-compassion.

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