The Way of the Wacky Warrior

By Dr. Steven Eisenberg

The Way of the Wacky Warrior

I'm wacky.

I want the way.

I want the way of the wacky warrior.

I want it.

I want the best way to get it.



Happy and Healthy.

We all want “the best way” to get happiness.

To become happy.

At least happier than yesterday.

Yesterday sucked.


Maybe it was awesome.

Doesn't matter.

The only technique is realizing there is no technique.

The only tried and true system is knowing that there's no system.

The best practice is owning that there's no best practice.

The optimal routine is understanding there's no optimal routine.

Life coaches give you strategies, tactics, plans.

None of it works, because it there's no best strategy to live. 

No best tactic to love.

No plans but now.