The Magical and the Mundane

July 16, 2019 1 min read

The Magical and the Mundane

We're all seekers.


Seeking a way.

Seeking a way out.

A way out of our mundane existence.

Seeking the less dull.

Less boring.

Less tedious.

Every minute must be extraordinary, no?


The magic's in the mundane.

We can bring the spiritual to the soulless.

Beauty to the boring.

Transforming the tedious each day.

It's not that difficult.

Start by bringing meaning to the mundane.

Make a difference from the mundane.

Bring mastery to the mundane.

Bring mindfulness to the mundane.

Bring modesty to the mundane.

Bring mirth to the mundane.

Bring your mojo to the mundane.

Create a miracle from the mundane.

Repeat daily.

Eventually, there's no distinction.

No distinction between the two.

The magical and the mundane.

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