Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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The Best Habit to Embrace: Forgiveness

The Best Habit to Embrace: Forgiveness

Ah, forgiveness.

So underestimated.

So powerful.

There are always new opportunities to forgive.

But why would you ever let go of grudges?

I’ll give you a little clue: Because bitterness and resentment are not good for you.

It takes some soul-searching work though, like anything really good for you.

You must reflect and be willing to pull back the curtain.

To look at your life with eyes of positivity and a heart filled with generosity.

Okay, here’s the great stuff forgiveness does for you:

Reduce stress superbly
Lower anxiety levels lusciously
Halt hostility hugely
Reduce blood pressure peacefully
Lower heart rate lovingly
Improve relationships revolutionarily
Lower substance abuse risk rationally
Decrease depression daringly
Cut chronic pain purely
Skyrocket spiritual well-being
Soar psychological state

Not bad.


Microstep: Find one person you can forgive today. Big or small deal. No matter. Forgive with no strings attached and you’ll feel better than you did yesterday (when you were still holding on to it).