Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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That's Resilience

That's Resilience




Walked over.

The opportunities to feel slighted are everywhere.

If I look for them.

If I want to feel hurt.

If I'm into shame for a few moments.

If I'm into working through those lovely emotions.


As long as I leave some compassion for myself.

Some optimism.

So sometimes I don't look.

Sometimes I don't read the comments.

Other times I do.

Sometimes I don't let anyone or anything stop me.

Other times I do.

I might sit with those unkind feelings about myself.

Let the self-compassion trickle in.

Until I can muster up some generosity.

Knocked down.

But I got up stronger and kinder.

I took a chance.

I made my own opportunity.

To level up.

I didn't let it escape my grasp.

I was loud and proud.

Then I let go of the outcome.


Two words.

What's next?

I just kept showing up for what was next.

And kept letting go.

Showed up again.

Let go again.

Then showed up again.

Remembered to go do the next thing.

What's important is that I never stopped showing up.

That’s the real blessing.

That's resilience.