Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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Impoifectly spelled.

Impoifectly executed.

I typed "oi" instead of "er."

On purpose.


I love imperfection.

Imperfection is inspirational.

Imperfection fosters innovation.

Imperfection is just more interesting.

Imperfection can lead to improvement.

Imperfection embodied can influence.

Imperfection embraced creates ingenuity.

Imperfection examined is insightfulness.

Imperfection owned is integrity.

Imperfection shared is intimacy.

Imperfection followed is intuitiveness.

Imperfection planned is intention.

Imperfection arousing interest is intrigue.

So why fight it?

Embrace imperfection instead.

Even better, embrace impoifection.

It's more fun to say it that way.

Try it.

Can being imperfect be perfectly poifect?

Why yes, yes it can.

How you ask?

Because nothing is perfect and nothing ever will be.

So imperfection is normal.


The way of the world.

Celebrating imperfection is living life on the bleeding edge.

Appreciating every flaw.

Loving each imperfect moment life brings.

Self-compassion is also imperfect.

I don't always have compassion for myself.

Compassion for all the imperfections.

Every last one.

Every blemish.

Every misstep.

Every failure.

But I can recognize when I don't.

And start to again.

Start to be good enough.

Good enough is much more than actually "good enough."

It's great.

The pressure of having to be “perfect” will kill me slowly.

The stress will make everything worse.

What if I was whole and complete right this moment?

With nothing else to achieve.

Nowhere else to get to.

Able to stop breaking my back striving for some imagined status.

Able to be perfectly quirky.

Weird is wonderful.

Imperfection is everything.

Goofiness can have grace.

Accepting my imperfections is awesome.

Accepting your imperfections is amazing.

That's inner peace.