Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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That Thing

That Thing

Inspiration comes in many forms.

Even just waking up can be inspiring.

"I have another chance."


Another day.

Without dying.

A chance to be alive.

Like really alive.

Ridiculously alive.

A chance to do that thing.

That you've always wanted to.

But were afraid to.

Do that thing.

Stand-up comedy.

I sucked.

I'm still doing that thing.

And you have a chance to say that thing.

That thing you've been holding onto.

Deep down.

But really wanna express.

Say that thing.

"I'd be thrilled if you buy my book when it comes out."


And you have a chance to think that thing.

The deep thinking.

The difficult thinking about your life.

Your values.

Your legacy.

Think about that thing.

I want to perform a billion acts of kindness before I die.


It's like looking at waking up differently.

Like a jolt of early morning CPR.

Compassion, Presence, Resilience.

Compassion for all those who woke up in pain.

Including yourself.

Physical, emotional, spiritual pain.

Presence to be there fully for those people.

Including yourself.

Resilience to do it again tomorrow.

Is that your alarm clock going off?

It's buzzing.

The whole world is buzzing.

About that thing.