Safety Net

January 03, 2020 1 min read

Safety Net

We all need a safety net.

An emotional one.

A safety net of support.

Of unconditional love.

Of people who say "no matter what."

You have to take steps to protect your own wellbeing.

Climb the ladder to the tightrope.

Prepare for your mindset funambulism.

The skill of walking along a metaphorical thin wire or rope in your head.

The skill of maintaining internal balance.

Balance while walking along with tension.

A tensioned emotional state between two endpoints.

The beginning and the end of your current drama.

Gotta grab your balance pole.

You can't only use your body to maintain balance.

You need it all -- mind, body, and soul.

The technique to maintain balance is to keep your center -- your core -- near your support point—usually your closest friends.

A skywalk is a form of highwire which is mentally performed before your highest risks.

You're up in the air.

Close to the clouds.

Traversing your dreams.

You might mess up.

You might go from mess to success.

Don't "walk a tightrope" when it comes to those you love.

Especially when it comes to loving yourself.

Always choose love over fear.

Love is the greatest safety net of all.

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