Repeat Tomorrow

February 04, 2019 1 min read

Repeat Tomorrow

We can imagine.

That love conquers fear.

It's not an easy one.

There's so much fear.

So much hate.

But we can still imagine.

That the tidal wave of love can wipe out all hate.

Then we can act on that idea with those around us.

Just with those we encounter today.

We have to deal constantly with people.

Some of those people are haters.

Leading them from love isn't easy.

It takes persuasion from love.

And arguments from love.

All from a foundation of love.

Today, don’t do anything from a foundation of hate.

Listen from love.

Try harder.

Stop judging.

Use love to win.

At all costs, use love to conquer fear today.

Sleep well and repeat tomorrow.

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