Make Your Heart Sing

June 22, 2017 1 min read

Make Your Heart Sing

How do you make your heart sing?

You don't.

You don't make it.

You guide it.

Down a very rocky path.

It's not about doing what you love.

It's not "following your passion."

You can do it though.

By staying on the path.

The path is fraught with frustration.

Huge boulders in the way.

You take one thing.

You happen to feel this one thing in your heart.

You know it's there.

It's like you've got to do it.

For your heart.

First, you step on the path with that thing.

You bring it with you.

Every step it's right there with you.

Then you do that heart-thing no matter what.

Whenever however you can.

Until you can't.

You stop that thing.

But you don't stop walking the path altogether.

You're still on the path.

You progress.

With your heart-thing still on you.

You advance.

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