Love or Fear

April 08, 2019 1 min read

Love or Fear


If only.

If only I.

If only I had.

If only I had done.

If only I had done it.

If only I had done it differently.


I did it the way I did it.

I did it that way at that moment.

That's all I can ever do.

I can only ever do right now.

I can't go back and change the past.

I can't do what hasn't come yet.

I can worry about what's to come.

But that makes no difference.

The only difference I can make is in the now.

In what I'm doing now.

My role in what's happening right now.

The energy I have with the people I'm with.

The positive or negative energy.

Filling the room or draining the room.

Generosity or stinginess.

Abundance or scarcity.

Love or fear.

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