Look Around

By Dr. Steven Eisenberg

Look Around

Look around.

Keep looking.

See something?

See someone?

See them?

You do, don't you?

You see them.

You see who you can help.

See something you can do to help them?

Do something.


Do something to help them.

Anything to help them.

They're right there, aren't they?

They're not asking for your help.

But they need it.

They'll never ask.

But you can look around.

See something.


Do something.

It doesn’t matter if you think your help won't make a difference.

It will.

It will matter more than you know.

It will matter to your heart.

You won't get hardening of the soul arteries.

It's easy.

Little help?



So, yeah.

How can I help you?

Yes, you.



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