Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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LOL- It's Curtains For You, Doughy, Curtains!

LOL- It's Curtains For You, Doughy, Curtains!

I have positive intentions.

So do you.

I have good intentions.

You definitely do.

But I often fail to act on them.

You probably do too.

I intend to stick to a ketogenic diet.

The question is how to ensure I won't eat that doughnut in the office kitchen.

The one staring at me.

Doughnut: "Come on, you know you want me."

Doughnut: "I want you to want me."

Oh, behave (I'm talking to 'Doughy' the doughnut)!

Specifically: I want to reach 165 pounds.

Action: When I encounter Doughy I will throw him away.

Much more concrete than "I wanna loose da belly, really I do."

I formed a concrete plan involving a specific situation.

So can you.

I have to repeat until it's automatic and efficient.

You too.

Avoiding goal-threatening distractions or competing goals. 


Commit to something with me.

Anything that really matters to you.

Commit to a goal and share it with me.

Share the intention with me specifically (165 pounds in 3 months).

Share the action with me (when Doughy's a-callin', I will throw him away).


Good strategy to reach your goal.

Our goals.

Yes, us.

Because illness starts with "I" and wellness starts with "we".

Commit to we.