Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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I Have to Change

I Have to Change

Stuff happens.

Does it happen "to me" or does it just happen?

Is the "to me" part just my interpretation?

Stuff happens all the time.

Stuff changes.

All the time.

My perspective shifts.

All the time.

Change is bad.

Change is good.

Shifting my perspective again.

To a more empowering context.

Blaming no one.

Being grateful for it all.

All the stuff that happens.

Responding to all the stuff from curiosity and wonder.

From loving awareness of right now.

I've successfully changed only my reactions to stuff.

Do I look for the bad in everything?

Do I look for the good in everything?

Do I perceive the change in everything?

Stagnation isn't good for me.

I have to move my body.

I have to exercise my mind.

I have to strengthen my soul.

I have to change my perspective.

I have to change.