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How to Think Like a Mindful Millennial

How to Think Like a Mindful Millennial

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. ~Peter Drucker

Ah, to be a Millennial.

Measuring my mantras and mandalas.

Measuring my food, too.

My macros.

How many grams of protein, carbs, and fat?

Thou must know thy macros.

To know thy diet is to know thyself (The Millennial Oath).

Low carb Mediterranean?




Am I measuring the “right” health metrics?

There is no “right.”

There’s just what you’ll actually commit to.

And do.

And measure.

Here’s a few.

No smoking!

For how many days?


No alcohol!

For how many nights (and [come on now] days)?

Double streak!


Downward Dog Days (3D) streak?


How long?

How many times a day?

Ommmm = Outstandingly meaningful meditative millennial minutes.

How many minutes?

Be very specific.

Like, twenty minutes.

Twice a day.

Keep the world’s simplest journal.

Write today’s date.

Write a “Yes” and a “No.”

Circle the one you did today.

Or didn’t.


Circle no (I assume you didn’t smoke today [please]).

Meditated today?

Circle yes.

That’s it!

Repeat daily.

Start with only three things you want to circle yes or no for.

It’s the millennial mindset of measuring mindfulness.

Now, get to it.

Circle yes.

Microstep: Start measuring. Mindfully. Just three things that you care about. A lot. Circle yes or no in your journal depending on what you did today.