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How to Stop Your Wall (Yes, You Can)!

How to Stop Your Wall (Yes, You Can)!


Oh, those blasted walls.

Here's how to stop your wall.

Yes, that one.

When it comes to getting healthier we build ourselves a wall.

A Uuuuuuuuuuuge incredibly annoying wall (*in my best Alec Baldwin Trumpglish*).

We see ourselves climbing, jumping over the wall like an American Ninja Warrior.

Then with think.

We think about it.

We read silly articles on the latest fad diet or new workout program to get over the wall faster, stronger, leaner, smarter.

We love quotes that supposedly motivate us.

How we're bigger than the wall.

We're gonna own that wall someday.

We channel all of our energy into the distractions of someday one day.

When I have it all together.

When I absorb just the correct milliliters of knowledge then I can jump into the work of climbing over the wall.

The hard friggin work.


Starting sucks.

It's never as easy as you think it will be.

It's a lot easier to quit than staying motivated by today's quote of the day.

How can we start each day like it's the last day we have on this tiny blue dot in the Milky Way?

Practicing with a beginner's mind.

A beginner's wonder and curiosity.

Exercising a way of being free from what the wall means.

It means whatever you say it means.

You can make climbing over your proverbial wall a fun game each morning.

Today's wall is frog jumping into bed with your kid and cuddling before breakfast.

Tomorrow's wall is hurdling the toys and squatting down with knees bent to pick each up.

Next week's wall is seeing a decrease in chip consumption by playing "Ruffles Ridge", where for each chip you do 10 jumping jacks.

Creativity is contagious.

Catch the freedom flu.

Freedom from "it has to go this way or that way."

Freedom from "someday one day."

Freedom to make it up as you go along.

If you try it on and it fits, keep it.

If it gets caught on the wall, leave it there.

What are you trying on today?

Put it on now and see how it feels.


Microstep: Let yourself hit the wall.  Push through it. The wall you've created will be there whether you start the climb or not. So start despite the wall.  Wall or no wall.  The wall is really just make-believe anyway. You made it up so you can stop it.