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How to Go on a News Diet

How to Go on a News Diet

This will be good for you.  You'll feel a tiny bit better each day on a news diet, which actually counts for something.

Here's what you need:

1. Most people get their news from Facebook.

2. Delete Facebook from your phone.

3. A lot of techie people get their news from Twitter.

4. Delete Twitter from your phone.

5. Some googlers get their news from Google News.

6. Delete the Google News app from your phone.

7. Youngins get their news from Snapchat.

8. Remove Snapchat from your phone.

9. Many Apple enthusiasts get their news from Siri.

10. Remove Apple News from Siri.

11. Millions watch CNN or FOX News after dinner.

12. Remove CNN and FOX News from your nightly channel surfing.

13. But don't I have to pay attention to what's going on in the world?

14. Your attention has not made a difference.  What will?

15. Not caring about the news will.  It's not about not caring about everything of course—justmost things on the news.

16. Most news stories aren’t worth your precious attention.

17. Care about trends that actually matter (bad policy versus bad news).

18. Take appropriate actions to support or oppose those trends that move, touch and inspire your heart.

Microstep: Get yourself on a news diet ASAP.  You won't feel as icky at the end of your day. Just stay on this diet for at least 3 weeks. You'll feel like a new person at the end of your 21-day "news fast."