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Making Family Dinner a Work of Art

Making Family Dinner a Work of Art

Family dinner matters more than you think it does.

Research has proven that family dinner is good for kids.  Hands down.

How often can you take your nightly family dinner and make it one percent better than the night before?

How often can we take something as important as family dinner and sculpt it into a beautiful work of art?

In my home family dinners are hectic with kids talking over each other and then there's me gulping down food (never got over "doctors have to eat fast" thing).

The one thing we do that works for us is that there are absolutely no devices at dinner.  #DeviceFreeDinner.

I like this article by Common Sense Media.

Here are the tools we use to make our device-free dinners works-of-art-in-progress.

1. At least three times a week.

2. No devices for anyone.

3. Turn off notifications on said devices and put in the device basket.

4. No screens on at all (even the TV in the other room).

5. Go around the table and each person says one thing they are grateful for.

6. Focus on quality of conversation more than quantity.

7. More veggies.

Microstep: Family dinner matters. A lot. Do it more often. Do it right. Do it device-free.