Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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How to Give Bad News (Spoiler Alert: There's No "Right" Way)

How to Give Bad News (Spoiler Alert: There's No "Right" Way)

Bad news.

I give a lot of it.

There is no right way to do it.

I don't do it "right".  I can just discuss how I give it.

You can only lead from your heart.

You can only speak to that human being as if she was your mother or sister.

I don't know any other way.

What if it is your mother or sister?

Then speak to them like someone you love a lot.

I had to give bad news to a lovely woman today.

She's just awesome.

Stage four breast cancer.

She's in shock.

She's scared.

I wanted to lessen her fear.

I wanted her to leave feeling like she had a game plan.

A team she could count on.

A team she could love.

We hugged.

We hugged again.

I gave her the bad news.

I tried my best to give her the facts and give her hope at the same time.

Like I would to my own sister.

I hope the treatments work.

Microstep: Treat those human beings around you like you would a loved one. Pretend they are your loving sister or mother.