Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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Honestly Though

Honestly Though

Honestly though.

It’s enough.

If I’m evaluating whether or not a relationship is healthy, those words may come to mind.

Relationships have a big impact on my morale and motivation.

And the benefits of truly nurturing relationships are too numerous to count.

If someone is always trying to bring me down, I‘d love to throw myself to the ground in the middle of the probiotics aisle at Whole Foods. “Honestly though,” my heart would exclaim, “It’s enough!”

However, I’m 47, and navigating the world of relationships gets a bit more complicated.

A grown adult having a conniption isn’t exactly looked upon favorably.

So I’ll just have to follow my heart and head instead.

Science shows that when I’m hanging out with someone I love, my brain releases a substance that facilitates joy.

But the opposite will bring me pain.

So I let my heart filter out as many unhealthy relationships as possible.

Because my head knows to let healthy relationships rule.

Doing so has huge payoffs in the long run.

Honestly though.