Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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Gratitude in the Time of Coronavirus

Gratitude in the Time of Coronavirus

Health is the result of a series of habits.

We need to turn all of the ways of 'stopping the spread' into habits.

We need to stay vigilant.



We need to deal with feeling overwhelmed.

We need to foster gratitude in the face of uncertainty.

Being grateful for the frontline healthcare workers.

Being grateful for the generosity of others.

Being grateful for the kindness of others.

Being grateful for our immune systems.

Being grateful for meditation and yoga.

Grateful for great ways to cultivate calm.

My favorite yoga app Down Dog is free now.

Grateful for ways to decrease anxiety.

Grateful for moments of serenity.

Grateful for your loved ones.

Even when cooped up together.

You're now as young as you'll ever be.

Don’t wait to be grateful.

Don’t wait until the virus is gone.

Make your gratitude viral.

There isn’t a roadmap for gratitude.

Like when, why, how to bring it to sh*tty times.

You just bring it.

There's no ideal timeframe for gratitude.

You just bring it right now.

There's no perfect gratitude workout.

You just practice it daily.

There's just what you're grateful for right now.

And now.

Yes, even now.

It's never the right time to start fostering gratitude.

Life gets in the way.

Pandemics get in the way.

So what?

Life's always gonna happen.

Start being grateful now anyway.

Microstep: Make a "tiny-gratitude-resolution" every day. Find something -- anything -- to be grateful for. We're here for a while. Embrace it. Bring gratitude to the forefront. It's a powerful science-backed way to boost your antifragility, your emotional intelligence, your love life, and your overall mind-body health. Waiting to be grateful is over.


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