Gratitude Checkup

By Dr. Steven Eisenberg

Gratitude Checkup

Time for my checkup.

My gratitude checkup.

This simple exam improves my life for sure.

I go through every little thing your body does in the span of one minute.

I start with all of my working senses.

Tiny miracles every one of em.

I see colors.

I feel the keyboard.

I smell the coffee.

All of it.

Improves my physical health.

I have fewer aches and pains.

Simply because I'm grateful!

That I can experience aches and pains.

Because I can move my body.

I feel healthier than other people.

Simply because I'm grateful.

That I have the health that I do.

Even the sh#*ty health days.


The tiny act of a regular gratitude checkup adds up to one thing.



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