Fear Is A Liar

December 21, 2018 1 min read

Fear Is A Liar

It's hard to have courage.

Courage in pain.

Courage in adversity.

To endure pain.

To endure adversity.

To fight with great fortitude.

To fight illness.

To fight loss.

It takes everything.

It takes anything.

Anything that works.

Anything that builds mental strength.

Anything that builds emotional strength.

I face difficulty every day.

I face misfortune.

I face distress.

I face suffering.

I face sorrow.

I face trauma.

I face setbacks.

I face crises.

Never once did I stop loving.

Fear tried to kill me.

I faced it.

Fear tried to beat me down.

I faced it.

Fear tried to eat me alive.

I faced it.

Never once did I let it stop me from loving.

Never once.

Fear is a liar.

Bring it on, fear.

Give it your best shot.

I know you now.

How you work.

That insidious way you operate.


You're full of it.

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