September 19, 2019 1 min read


Someday, I'll be an artist.

When I write my novel.

When I play my concerto.

When I paint my self-portrait.

We are all capable of producing art.

Even me?

Even you.

We have all experienced life.

A lot of life.

A life that's capable of transforming us a tiny bit each day.

Or a whole lot in one fell swoop.

Writing is art.

Painting is art.

Music is art.

Classic artistic pursuits.

Yet masterpieces of art come in other forms.

Being still is art.

Being compassionate is art.

Speaking with kindness is art.

Being grateful to people who make us happy is art.

Writing doesn't mean you must pursue a writing career.

Painting doesn't mean your work hanging in the Louvre.

Making music doesn't mean you sell out Wembley Stadium.

The transmutation of your experience is art.

Alter a few words.

Add a color.

Find the note.

Be unrecognizable to yourself.

Be with someone in a way that's unexpected.

Be with a situation in a way that's unforeseen.

Your thoughts unanticipated.

Your words unpredictable.

Your actions surprising.




Shocking you into a world where everything is art.

Every interaction.

Every bit of you.

Of them.

Of Earth.

"Earth" without "art" is just "Eh."

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