Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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Did You Move Your Body?

Did You Move Your Body?

I found my old Insanity DVDs.

I'm one week in.


I look silly doing it.

I don't care.

Thank you, Shaun T.

It's one program that actually gets me moving.

And you have to keep moving.

Any way you can.

I like yoga, too.

You can't become a supple yoga-meister just from attending a lecture by Deepak Chopra on the health benefits of yoga.

You have to do it.

Yoga class is a good kind of peer pressure.

Like a Yogi accountability partner.

"You're coming to class on Wednesday, right?"

"You bet your downward dog I am."

It's not about comparing yourself to others.

Especially to the one with the perfect triangle pose.

Not a self-compassion competition.

More like a playground of oneness.

Where we lift each other up.

Warrior II pose is you being creative.

"I'm a warrior!"

You're are a warrior.

Move like one.