Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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Dancing With The Doctor

Dancing With The Doctor

The dance.

I walk up to Sharon.

Wanna dance?



I walk back to my tiny slice of gym, head down.

They’re all having fun.

Dancing with each other.

Dancing with life.

They’re enjoying the dance.

Don't give up.

I walk up to Jennifer.

Wanna dance?



I walk back to my spot on the bleachers.

Sit down.

The love of the dance is contagious.

Never say never.

Never give up.

I walk up to Ellen.

Wanna dance?

You thought I'd never ask?

Commence dancing.

The give and take.

The shake, rattle, and roll of life.

We dance.

And we dance.

After all, she said yes.

We’re swaying to the music of life together.

Let's go crazy.

Let's go nuts.

Life is ridiculous.

We dance.

It's a thriller of a dance.

Then comes the purple rain.

We get wet.

We slow down.

We stop.

We die.


So I'll dance while I can.

I'll keep asking you to dance.

Some of you won't.

But some of you will.

Take my hand.

It'll be fun.

Thanks, Ellen.