Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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A Great Deal About Nothing

A Great Deal About Nothing

Where are you?


Are you here?


Right now?


This present moment of ours?


I cry for the present moment.

Come back!

Don't go so damn quick!

There's more laughter to be had!

More tears.

Come back, please!

It's terribly fast.

My friends can't bring it back.

My family can't either.

It's gone.

I thought if I could stay in the present moment, everything would be better.

"Everything would be better" is the fastest path to destruction.

If anyone has a moment of clarity in the present, it's not about "being better."

It's not about being anything or anyone.

It just is.

Being with what is.

Being with nothing.

The nothingness.

Not even a little bit better or worse than yesterday.

Or tomorrow.

Only the nothingness of right now.

Nothing has made me happier than nothing.

I'm going to die with nothing.

Being whole and complete with nothing.

That's the whole game.

A great deal about nothing.