August 18, 2019 1 min read


I was holding on.

For dear life.

Hanging by a thread.

Holding on to old fears.

Old insecurities.

Old "not-good-enoughs."

In trying to escape, I fell off the cliff.

Grasping for anything.

Momentary clinging.

Fingernails slipping.

Had to start.

Start lifting myself up.

By starting to let go.

By allowing.

Allowing myself to let go of old baggage.

I kept packing the same carry-on over and over.

Repeatedly shoving it in the overhead bin of life.

I pretty much got the same results.


No room.

No room for anything else.

No room for growth.

What was I expecting?

I desperately needed to change things up.

Out with the old.

In with the new.

A whole new world.

New choices.



All created with what I packed today.

Not someday one day.

I had to stop fighting change.

Nothing ever stays the same.

I had to let go of the mental upset.

I had to pursue my dreams.

Without overthinking.

Without worrying about it too much.

Finding the humor.

Exploring the laughter.

Discovering life lessons.





Mirth no matter what.


Trial and error.

Getting stuck, getting unstuck.

Allowing life to be a prolific puzzle.

Allowing change.

Allowing meaningful moments.

Allowing the universe to do what it does.

Allowing magic.

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