A Simple Reminder

By Dr. Steven Eisenberg

A Simple Reminder

Sometimes the most simple is also the most difficult.

I forget.

I get caught up in the daily rush.

I forget to prepare.

For the day coming up. 

I just let it slip away.

I forget to reflect.

On the twenty-four hours I just lived.

Just let my dreams take care of it.

I forget.

To remind myself what my patients taught me today.

What you taught me today.

Your wisdom.

You're my teacher.

I forget to read.

I'll watch a Louis C.K. special instead.

I forget to practice.

Netflix instead of meditation.

Most importantly, I forgive myself.

Then I remember.

To write it down.

I prepare.

I reflect.

I remind.

I read.

I practice.

I forgive.


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