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When Good Enough Health is Great Health

When Good Enough Health is Great Health

Good enough is great.

Good enough health is great health.

Not just sometimes.

All of the time.

I wonder: do I need to be the health champion of the world?

Stretch my leg behind my head Yogini?

Nah, a decent downward dog is good enough.

Never eat a breadcrumb again?

Nah, a cheat day breaded whatever is good enough.

Being the best burpeer before brussels sprouts breakfast?

Nah, a couple of push-ups is good enough.

It's ok to just be "good enough health guy."

Good enough to feel a tad better than yesterday.

Good enough to not beat myself up over health stuff.

I often feel guilty when I don't work out every day.

When I eat something on my health guru's "no-no list."

When I catch a glimpse of my Pillsbury Doughboy abs.

It feels like years of "optimally healthy me" messaging is impossible to let go of.

"What am I missing?"

"How can I achieve poifect abs and work-life balance and a tranquil mind?"

How can I not want to eat this Rice Krispie treat?

But the reality is: more stress over "poifect health" doesn't really get me anything.

And if I can chill out good enough (non-perfect meditation) and replenish good enough (go  to sleep already), then the time I spend working out and eating better will actually be good enough.

Today I give myself and my health permission to be good enough.

You wanna be good enough with me?

Microstep: Give yourself permission to be "good enough healthy" today. And tomorrow, too. Let go of having to do it all perfectly all the time.  No one can.