Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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Well, that sucked.

But did it really?

Who says it sucked?



The interwebs?

Sometimes life sucks.

Really sucks.

Sometimes I feel stuck.

Really stuck.

In the abyss of security.

And it's all because I say so.

Because I say that's how it is, period.

This sucks.

But I can reframe almost anything from "this sucks" to "this unstucks."

Of course, life is sometimes like static cling.

Hard to separate.

My life from how I interpret what happens in my life.

It makes sense.

My expectations are only expectations.

"Well, that sucked" is nothing more than an unfulfilled expectation.

Reinventing my experience of life takes more.

It takes transforming "that sucked" to "I'm unstuck."

Every "that sucked" is an opportunity.

An opportunity for an unstuck.

An unstuck goes beyond "everything happens for a reason."

I'm actively seeking out unstuckable moments.

Because when I get unstuck, I can grow.

I can learn to love getting unstuck.

To embrace unstuckability.

Every single day.

Applying to everything I think sucks.

Everything that feels stuck.

So everything can start moving again.