The Dash

October 09, 2019 1 min read

The Dash

I'm dying up here.

I said that to the audience at The Comedy Store La Jolla.

I'm dying in here.

I said that to my old partners before we split up.

I'm living or I'm dying.

Every day.

Every hour.

Every minute.

There's only one limit to my suffering -- my surrendering.

My time spent suffering is inversely correlated to my time spent surrendering.

Suffering here?

Surrender here.

Suffering there?

Surrender there.

I've got fifty years left if I'm super lucky.

It’s a ridiculous thought.

Will I suffer through it?

Or surrender through it?

Surrendering to the moment.

Allowing it to be as it is.

Even choosing it as it is.

Feel anxiety?




What I resist, persists.

Surrender to continuing on.

Continuing on today's journey.

This moment's path.

A path of perspective.

Of perserverance.

Of things under my control.

The year 1970 -- 20__?

Between now and then.

The revelation of the dash.

The life-altering dash.

Each remaining moment is part of the dash.

Every second.


Surrender to the dash.

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