Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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Take the Plunge

Take the Plunge

I’m quite proud of my plumbing skills.

At home, my stethoscope transforms into a plunger.

Oh, how I plunge.

Oh, the humanity.

We’ve been on an extended Couples Plunging Retreat since mid-March.

Coming up on twenty years of marriage.

It’s weird because you start reading each others' minds.

Today my wife had my freshly washed white coat ready to put on me a second before I was about to say, "Honey, have you seen my...?”

With one look, she can convey where my plunging journey will take me next.

We never thought we'd be plunging together.

Yet, here we are.

A couple that plunges together, stays together.

The other day, Julie remarked that her plunging skills had indeed improved compared to pre-lockdown given my tutelage.

For plungology issues while I’m at the hospital.

Small wins.

That would never be a first date topic.

"Hey, what's a good appetizer, and by the way, I plunge like nobody's business."

In the ancient world, as you can imagine, there was hunting.

In the new normal, there's plunging.

Life is full of plunge-worthy moments.

Take the plunge.