Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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Take It On

Take It On

There are so many reasons to give up.

To stop believing.


Never give up.

Stay alert.

Stay vigilant.

Stay in the game.

Pretend a new teammate is meeting you for the first time.

You're just coming off of a big loss.

What do you want to leave her with?

Despair or hope?

Remember your very first day.

At school.

At work.

On the team.

You had a huge willingness.

To do whatever it took.

Self-sabotage was the last thing on your mind.

Then you settle in.

Get comfortable.

Get cocky.

Get distracted.

Escape into the next big thing.

"I don't have to practice anymore."

"I'm fine (feelings inside not expressed)."

One thing provides the opportunity for course correction.

Telling on yourself.

Being brutally honest with yourself.

And sharing what you're afraid of sharing with those you love.

Ruthless self-compassion is the only thing that works.

It's the only thing that reconnects you to yourself and your life.

Connection is the best medicine.

And it's the only medicine you can take to heal yourself.

Give yourself a fighting chance.

Take it on.