Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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The struggle.

Is necessary.

That's the rule.

The struggle.

Not optional.

But a hard and fast rule.

Finding the time to struggle.

Otherwise whatever you want will be nearly impossible.

But when you find it, allow the struggle to ensue.

It will make an immediate impact.

This is the gap that needs to be bridged.

The struggle is everything.

The process is power.

The learning is love.

Share the opportunity for collaboration and community with other passionate people.

Don't wait to be something you're not.

The struggle is life-changing.

The struggle is innovation.

The struggle is creativity.

The struggle is what allows you to thrive.

It's the reason we're able to live.

The struggle is our purpose for being.

Don't let you side gigs and ideas fizzle out after one attempt.

Embrace the struggle.

Love the struggle.

Snuggle the struggle.

Your purpose and vision should drive your struggle.

Stop waiting and start struggling.

Get feedback and struggle some more.

Stretch yourself then struggle some more.