July 14, 2018 1 min read




Turning 50 seems like a big milestone.

Turning 48, by comparison, is rather shitty.

I'm just older.

"Hey there world, I'm not young!"

I'm just a middle-aged person.

I had a couple of big breaks, or whatever.

TODAY show.




I’m finally starting to understand that big breaks are just that.


Then they start to shrink.

As time marches on.

They continue down the conveyor belt.

Getting smaller and smaller and smaller.

The smaller the better.

The smaller is what matters.

The smaller is what teaches me.

Teaches me to keep on showing up.

Teaches me to keep being grateful.

Keep growing.

Keep fostering creativity.

When I was on TODAY, I wanted everything now. 

It was big.

Big was fun.

But the very best moments in life are small.

Smaller than that.

Keep going.

Tiny moments of connection with family and friends.

Forty-eight isn't big.

It's small.

It's smaller.


But being fully present with my wife and kids is huge.

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