Shadow Days

April 06, 2018 1 min read

Shadow Days

I saw my shadow.

I didn't like what I saw.

My instaddiction.

So I repressed it.

Shelved it for another time.

Consciously let it drift to my unconscious.

Consciously unconscious.

Feeding my false self.

The part of myself that I unconsciously repress.

Then consciously search for.

Search for the hidden determinants of my behavior.

Trying and failing to be more self-aware.

Then showing up to trying again.

I have to look for my shadow.

And eventually play nicely together in the sandbox.

The instasandbox.

The instagratification sandbox.

I have to face my shadow.

Embrace my shadow.

Touch base with my shadow.

Chase my shadow.

Allow grace for my shadow.

Create a safe place for my shadow.

Don't try to erase my shadow.

Give space to my shadow.

Only then can I begin to let go.

And begin to see.

That my shadow days are over.

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