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Prove Me Wrong

Prove Me Wrong


I needed unquestionable proof.

I got it.

My phone.

I was addicted.

Your phone?

Prove you're not addicted to it.

Prove you don't look down.

Down at your phone a lot.

Maybe too much.

Maybe not.

I was getting dopamine-phone.

I thought I was looking down too much.

At my smartphone.

Making me dumb and numb.

I had unquestionable proof.

I measured it.

My brain wanted more.

I gave it less.

Little by little.


Then it felt better.

Little by little better.

I measured it.

You can measure it too.

Track it.

Track your steps?


Track your phone usage.

Your screen time.

Maybe you'll want to lower it.

Maybe not.

I did.

I had to get clear about it how much screen time there was first.

It was like 2.5 to 3 hours.


That was too much for me.

Wa the tracker perfectly accurate?

I don't know.

Didn't matter to me.

Maybe it won't to you.

See for yourself.

Prove it.