Love Is Four Verbs

July 31, 2018

Love Is Four Verbs

I want to help support you.

To support yourself.

To love yourself a tiny bit more than yesterday.

To support the daily process of loving yourself.

The day to day work.

The loving-yourself-work you never wanna do.

Because the idea of loving yourself for absolutely no reason is an open door.

You can walk through it each day.

You should.

Without being pushed through.

Without coercion.

Without proof that you're good enough.

You step through the door slowly.



By putting faith in self-compassion.

By being gentle with yourself.

By four verbs.

By LOVE itself.

Listen to your thoughts: What do you make them mean?

You are not your thoughts.

Observe what you say to yourself: Is it compassionate?

You are not your words.

Visualize yourself surrounded by loving-kindness: Close your eyes in silence and picture being enveloped by Kindness Monster (Cookie Monster's third cousin).

You are not your mind.

Experience what happens: Just allow what happens to happen.

You are not what happens.


What are you?

You are love.

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